Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three Substantial Trends driving Hospitality & Tourism Industry

The concept of branding is important to supply consistent services in a comprehensive environment, while adapting to support customers with new cultural surroundings and sensitivities in local as well as international markets. Connection with Social Media has become inevitable in the current business scenario along with achieving better operational efficiency through advanced technology integration.

According to a blueprint for the future of the Hospitality & Tourism Technology industry developed with a targeted mass of selection from the industry there are some key issues and concerns facing the business growth in this segment.

The three substantial trends for driving the future of Hospitality & Tourism Industry are:

Growth Opportunities in New Marketplace

Globalization is a key to significant opportunities as an important driver especially to countries like Russia, India, China and the Gulf. But even that can not be treated as a homogeneous scenario as customers from China will search for, plan and book a hotel in a different way from customers from Russia. The concept of brand uprightness is vital: hotels will need to supply consistent service in a global environment, while adapting to support customers with new cultural environment and sensitivities in local as well as global markets.

Information key to servicing the demanding customer

Personal needs are important for the today’s age travelers which can be satisfied with the introduction of Social Networking. The modern travelers want to have experiences built around their individual requirements. The hotel and tourism industry should recognize that as early as possible. As today an End-Customer review expose the fact of a hotel’s brand since customers often use their peer group as the main source of information.

Online Hotels & Groups are now faced up with a new challenge of maintaining towering principles and meeting the prospect of customers who have done a major amount of research before they travel.

The additional demanding customer of the upcoming will want to connect with a hotel across all touch points where his fittings come in to picture. Hotels will need to confine and store more data, yet right to use to it must be speedier and more targeted in order to personalize the customer experience.

Industry integration to develop operational efficiency

As information sharing, supply chain execution and content management becomes more multifaceted, ensuring stiff incorporation between these online systems will turn into an even top priority for hotels. Travel applications, operational databases and internal & external networks must integrate more easily with each other and allow third-party systems to make easy collaborations with partners.

Growth of mobile and other upcoming smaller device channels is clear. It is anticipated the technology platforms used by hospitality companies must support and enable all user interactions to integrate in the future, from phone to fax to PC to PDA to mobile.


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